Try it Out Tuesday - It's a Date in a Box

I discovered Dandelion Date in a Box when I saw that creator/director Odette had liked a few of my photos on instagram. I was curious on the name so searched her back and discovered a really cool idea.

Here's the beginning story for Odette and her small business Dandelion Date in a Box

"I was on a search to find “out of the ordinary” things we, me and my wonderful husband, could do on our date nights. As my husband works some odd hours and gets home late, going out to do things became quite a challenge.

And here’s where the dream started… Why not make date night boxes we could enjoy in the convenience of our own home? Then I got to thinking, I’m pretty sure we can’t be the only couple in New Zealand with challenges to get time to go out and do things. And that should in no way mean date night can just fly out the window. So, I started Dandelion Date in a Box.

It’s not an entirely new concept to the world, but it’s a product that I feel New Zealand couples also needed. Other products like these around the world usually consists of a subscription where you don’t know what you get until you get it. Which is a great idea, but hardly everybody’s cup of tea and right off the bat I wanted to offer couples the freedom to choose what dates they are interested in." Odette.

Perfect timing for my man and I. This time of year is when we get booked up with a lot of Christmas events, MC work and acting gigs. I'd been away most of the weekend hosting an event so we made Sunday afternoon 'date-a-noon' and got our Coffee on with the Coffee Lovers Date in a Box. Three coffees to try, coffee themed games, conversation starters - which we really enjoyed, even learnt a thing or two about each other and our coffee journeys. A curated soundtrack, mugs to decorate, tasting notes. Made us relax, talk about things other than work and enough coffee to fuel our binge watch of Stranger Things 2 later that night hahahaa.

If you want to know more about Dandelion Date in a Box click HERE - Great way to make time for each other without panicking about getting out of the house or sitters, could also make a really great gift.