Try it Out Tuesday - Mini Burgers for our mate Flat Stanley

Publish Date
Tuesday, 21 November 2017, 4:33PM

So my friend Steph found these miniature meal boxes in a store for us to try out...weird...but kinda cute! I love miniatures!

Figured I should give them a go to make a Flat Stanley sized meal (gotta look after our overseas visitors)

It's a fiddly little process with all the sachets and teeny tiny water measurements. Quick blat in the microwave for each burger element and the fries. Mix and roll the cheese and add water to fizz up the cola.

I was impressed that this wasn't a complete pinterest fail for me. Looks very similar to what the packet showed...also says it's edible sooooooooo on behalf of Flat Stanley my man Gibby took one for the team to see if the boxed mini burger meal was up to scratch.

With the time it took to create the burger I flagged making the donuts, too lazy. 

Tiny burger meal....done. Take a listen to what my man thinks of the completed meal #lol 

It's mostly an 'add water' situation then microwave for a few seconds. So weird that this is edible!!

It looks like I'm painting bwaahhahahaaaaaaa!!! That's the meat patties and buns there peeps

Mmm Mmmm homemade cheese slices (just add water and blend!)

Ready to bring it all together....note jam like consistency of sauce far right 

Add water and FIIZZZZZZZ, smelt pretty authentic though

Tah Dah.......size reference with Flat Stanley as below

Mini Burger Meal Done. Ekkkkk Face!