Try it out Tuesday - On Trend 20minute Pop Colour

Publish Date
Tuesday, 28 March 2017, 5:06PM

My hair stylist Adam at Vivo Hair and Beauty Ponsonby is one of those stylists who I sit down with and say 'yea sure, go for it.'

Right from the first time I met him, when I was really desperate for a change, I knew he was the kind of stylist who took on what your were saying, your personality and your face shape to create some magic with your hair.

At my first appointment with Adam my hair was quite long but being fine - very boring! I mentioned to him that for gigs sometimes I wear short bob wigs and I was considering just lopping it off and having the bob for reals. Quick as he replies 'great that's what we'll do then.'

There was a slight flutter of panic but I figured it'd grow back if I freaked out, so I relaxed and let him do his thing and we've never looked back since.

We were probably a little safer with colouring but as you'll see from this Try it out Tuesday fun, I'm branching out here too.

Pop Colour is a huge trend globally. I've seen some mermaid looking hair using all colours from blue to pink and purple. 

The addition of pop colour to your hair is a fairly quick process and it only lasts a couple of weeks max, so you can change up your look without committing to it forever.

On Trend Pop Colour - Let's do this! - Estelle