Try it Out Tuesday - The Vibrosaun

Publish Date
Tuesday, 4 July 2017, 5:25PM

We've been back to the Salt Cave but instead of a chilled out sleep amongst the himalayan salt bricks I was put into a 'mork and mindy' style space craft to vibrate and sweat myself to good health!!

It was super toasty warm, the vibing quite hypnotic and soothing across my lower back and into my legs and I needed a tank load of water at the end of the session. I also was quite tired later in the day and slept well.

The Vibrasaun is all about detoxification, relaxing your muscles, increasing blood flow around your body and intake of oxygen which helps the kidneys and the lymphatic system to accelerate the removal of lactic acid and body wastes. 

With closed eyes I liken the sound and feel to being on a boat, very close to the rumble of the engine noise. Strangely hypnotic and soothing once I settled into it.

I did find the heat quite overwhelming, I've never really been one for saunas but adjusted that down a little to suit me. Quite unusual experience but I liked the relaxed feel it gave to tight shoulder and back muscles.

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