Try It Out Tuesday with Estelle - Lewis Road Creamery Choc Liqueur

Publish Date
Tuesday, 21 February 2017, 5:27PM

Welcome to the very first Try it Out Tuesday. Created after a conversation with my hairstylist who had been to a laughing yoga class and reckoned I should give it a go, in fact I should give lots of different exercises classes a go and share it on my show! Ace call AJ.

I figured why leave it with just exercise classes when we could open the scope to include ALL sorts of things. From food, crafts, dance, exercise, makeup, hair, DIY, adventures, old wives tales, new trends, places and people.

And here we are with a gentle launch into the action of what Try it Out Tuesday is all about.

Tonight - The Night Creamery with Lewis Road Creamery Chocolate Liqueur.


Pretty awesome thing to be sent to a night announcer if you ask me but after nearly two weeks of friends asking if I'd tried it yet? How 'bout now? Still NO?

I figured it was time to crack into it. 

Late last night after my show, my man and I enjoyed a late night tipple on the my PJ's even - it was v.late!

We both reacted with a 'mmmMMM YUMMY' and Gibby reckon's it'd be great over hokey pokey ice-cream.

Cool bottle too, like a water tank you get instead of plastic bottles.

Would make a great gift or if you're wanting to 'adult' up a dessert this would be perfect.

Late night giggles clearly!!

I got a couple of our HITS girls to give it a taste test too to broaden the reviews - take a listen above to what they had to say.


Next week - Try it Out Tuesday gets very, very physical!