Estelle and Nick from the Bags Not Campaign talk about being plastic free

Publish Date
Wednesday, 11 July 2018, 5:38PM

Nick Morrison is one of the team behind the Bags Not campaign - all about us saying NO to plastic bags at the shops - and starting to think about and collect alternatives to keep the single use plastic out of the environment.

Estelle finds out what triggered Nicks passion for being plastic free, things he avoids now, maybe our grandparents had it right? And is glass better?

Find out more from Nick at Go Well Consulting. Our chat is above and some pics here of my day today checking out the plastic I'm responsible for! - Estelle 

Love my stainless steel reusable drink bottle, water tastes nicer out of it and keeps it cold or warm better. Reusable plastic container - good to reuse but they only have a certain lifetime and I probs shouldn't reheat in it and eat out of it with the whole chemicals it can leech thing?? Ceramic mug for the win for teas!

Breakfast - stewed apples I made and store in glass, plastic yoghurt container I've reused for about 6months now, I refill it with that dewinkel stuff in the carton, and milk bottle - pretty sure these bottles aren't good but I'm not sure how to get milk without it. Relooking at supermarket shelves tonight to see if glass option, at least avoid this light sensitive one that isn't recyclable. 

Opened container of falafel mix I bought in the weekend, convenient but ahhhhh single use plastic, espesh that extra peel off lid bit. Over convenience I could make this mix myself.

I'm proud of this one - solid deoderant from Lush, smells good, doesn't irritate my skin and I reuse one of their little black pots to keep it in.

Just started using this from Ecostore, feels good on my skin, sinks in nice, great smell, cruelty free and it's a glass jar. 

Some small changes I can make here to avoid plastic, give myself more time for food prep to avoid containers, look at putting homemade soup into a glass container/jar, check how my cosmetic products are sold/stored.