Try it Out Tuesday - Darkfield Radio brings the theatre to your house

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Tuesday, 1 September 2020, 6:11PM

Realscape Productions and Darkfield Present - 'Double'

Can you keep your eyes closed through the whole experience? Turns out for my man and I ...NO!

Drawing you in with every creak, word, whistle, squelch.

The idea that in your own home, surrounded by your own things that your senses can be heightened  and put on edge enough that you worry about who is in your kitchen, via an audio soundtrack alone, says a lot for how sounds, words and music affects us.

I think it was about 10-15minutes long with my noise cancelling headphones on for the full story, but I possibly lost sense of time without the visual.

All you need is a mobile device, headphones - and a friend...

The New Zealand season of DOUBLE runs September 1-29th.
Tickets are just $10 per access don't even have to dress up for the theatre darhlings! It happens at your house #winkyface

Ticketing info HERE

#DARKFIELD (what the bleep just happened? Direct quote from me LOL) Enjoy - Estelle