Try it Out Tuesday - DIY Lemon and Clove Fly Repellent

This DIY idea came up on my Facebook feed and I've been meaning to give it a go.

Cooking dinner the other night I had half a leftover lemon and the pissa (those automatic things you set up in your house that make a 'piissaaah' noise to keep bugs away!) had just run out.

Biodegradable, safe, natural, smells nice and super easy to do.

Jam whole cloves into lemon half and place on window sills and in doorways. 

We had a few blowflies around that day and they definitely lowered in numbers with this at the window. Think I need more lemon halves and time to really tell if it's a great natural alternative to chemical versions that require batteries or power.

Give the Lemon and Clove fly repellent a go for yourself like Celia and her flatmates did and let us know what you thought, email me HERE

Cheers and hope it helps! Estelle