Try it Out Tuesday - Estelle and Celia test their skills at Aerial Circus

Publish Date
Tuesday, 7 August 2018, 4:00PM

Gymnastics, swinging upside down, pulling up my own body weight have never been things I've excelled at, part mental block as a kid, part just not my thing. However, in the theme of Try it out Tuesday, when Celia said she had booked us in for an aerial circus class I accepted with glee...slash trepidation..slash OMG what is she thinking, OK let's do it! And do it we did.

Takes an incredible amount of believing in yourself and not overthinking it AND a lot of upper body strength. Has taken me about four days to be able to pull up my pants without having to talk myself through the muscle pain.

Since my first attempt, I can see how you'd develop the strength to improve your abilities and your confidence would grow too. Celia loved it and was fizzing after the class. Check out our fun with Ben from React taking us through the beginner steps into aerial circus.

ps. Kudos to you P!NK and all your amazing aerial work while singing! Soz I won't be able to be your back up singer/aerial artist for this tour.