Try it Out Tuesday - Estelle and her girl Ava try out Little Flock of Horrors

Publish Date
Wednesday, 2 February 2022, 9:18PM

Little Flock of Horrors - What a great name for a kids clothing range!!

Lucy is the founder and director for Little Flock and she joined Estelle on Try it Out Tuesday to share her journey of creating fun, stylie merino gears for the small humans in our lives.

It all came after witnessing her baby boy having a seizure when he wasn't able to self regulate his temperature and Lucy set about creating the good stuff for babies and kids.

A massive THANKS to Lucy for sending these fab merino clothes to Ava, been an absolute blessing, especially after beach swims and going camping! Appreciate

Take a listen and find out more about Little Flock of Horrors HERE 

So cute! Kinda wish the rainbow zip vest fit me #matchymatchy