Try it Out Tuesday - Estelle embraces the Power of New Zealand

Publish Date
Tuesday, 19 May 2020, 3:12PM

Estelle caught up with Suzanne, founder of Power Skin Solutions 

A high potency natural skincare range, designed and made here in New Zealand, featuring manuka honey and bee venom.

Said to help say goodbye to wrinkles, dry scaly skin, acne, rosacea, hormonal acne, fine lines, pigmentation and spots it was a quick yes to try it out for myself.

The recommendation for a morning skincare routine was to just wash with some water, minus any cleanser.

As someone who usually uses a scrub or foaming wash in the shower each morning this was probably the biggest adjustment. I was worried my skin would be dull. 

So far I'd say that's not the case, after a week of using this skincare and the recommendations on how, my skin has a more even skin tone and looks fresher. I've had no issues with the bee venom component even though I have been allergic to bee stings and I like the natural, sweet but earthy scent of the products. 

The face mask feels very firming and plumps the skin. And the night oil smells and feels very luxurious.

A great thing to discover about this company too - Part of their profits go to fund their mission to help youth mental wellbeing and suicide prevention via their mindfulness app - Be Intent.

Take a listen to the full chat and tune in after 7pm to win your own set to try for yourself!!