Try it Out Tuesday - Estelle makes pickled ginger for sushi

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Tuesday, 10 September 2019, 5:56PM

I love ginger! In all its forms, even the crystallised stuff. My Nanna would be so proud ha, no more picking it off or out of things. I particularly like the pink ginger you get with sushi but have to admit I've been pretty naive to what is in it.

Turns out a lot of salt, sugar and colouring to give that pinkish tint if they producer of said ginger hasn't used the tradition plant for colour.

Yes it's easy to find and buy but I had a heap of ginger in the fruit bowl so figured I'd have ago at pickling it myself.

Great palate cleanser, great on salads, sushi, fish...I guess for me it's great on many things.

I found this very simple, clean and easy recipe. Watch the video for simple steps to pickling your own ginger.

Link to recipe I used HERE - cheers Eric Gower

Keeps for ages in fridge. 

Side note - I'd probably be keen to add another tablespoon of honey for my sweetness tastebuds. So adjust as you go if it's not sweet enough through the vinegar acidity for you. I also think a pinch of salt would be good up against the acid of vinegar too.