Try it Out Tuesday - Estelle needs all the help she can get making her own gloves

Publish Date
Tuesday, 21 September 2021, 9:16PM

Thank goodness for the patience of Esme and her daughter Alannah from Ahipao on Waiheke because I don't think these would ever have been designed or completed without their hands-on guidance!

Back when we were free to travel around Aotearoa, the fam and I went over to Waiheke for a few days to experience some things we'd never done before and meet some incredible locals doing great mahi.

Ahipao is an easy walk from the passenger ferry landing at Matiatia, Waiheke. 

Before even heading further inland you can follow a stoney path direct from the ferry to Ahipao. Nab yourself a fab spot in a beanbag, at an outdoor table or head inside to the beautifully laid out cafe, restaurant and store. The view is directly out to Matiatia bay and it is glorious.

Ahipao is the reo māori name of the land where the building sits and was gifted to Esme and her family via the local Ngāti Pāoa iwi, you can discover more on the story of Ahipao HERE 

Esme and her family are passionate and very skilled with their cashmere knitwear and it was fascinating to see how a computer program was utilised to design and instruct their machines to do the work. To be fair, a lot of it was waaay over my head, but fascinating all the same as I mucked my way around.

Check out my primmer 4 artwork koru design, LOL. But overall, I don't think it looks too bad and boy do they feel nice to wear! Esme very generously gifted me a second green pair and I love both. Clever machines, great coffee and giant filled donut while I waited for the machine to do the hard graft and also epic historic tree out the front to climb and swing from.

Whether you're there to see the knitting in action for yourself, perusing the store, sitting down for a well earned drink and kai, Ahipao is a beautiful location to feel the stress leave your shoulders and soak up the Waiheke chilled vibe.

Would even make for a great day trip across from Auckland for lunch or afternoon tea, something a little bit different and fun.