Try it Out Tuesday - Estelle test drives an EV

Publish Date
Tuesday, 6 August 2019, 5:55PM

Last weekend the EV World Expo was on at ASB Showgrounds in Auckland.

Showcasing all things Electric Vehicle. It was really cool to chat to EV enthusiasts, soak up their passion and knowledge on these vehicles then take one for a spin myself.

The Nissan Leaf, that you see me chatting to Justin in here, was my test drive.

It had great pick up, was so, so quiet but you get used to that really quickly. Comfortable seats and good vision. Clear dashboard with charge info and all the usual driving stats you'd expect - speed etc.

It also had this mode you could click it into that initially felt like a drag, a heavier feel when you were driving, then if you took your foot of the gas it brought the car to a complete stop. I thought that was a great safety feature for bumper to bumper traffic, queuing at intersections and lights, possibly a good drive feature when on the open road too for any close calls.

A lot has evolved for EV's in NZ and I think it's an exciting thing to see what you can get for yourself, from SUV's, camper-vans, bikes and cars. As well as the increasing amount of charge stations popping up across the country. Or you just plug it in each night at home, just like your smartphone!

It seems New Zealand is definitely ready for Electric Vehicles.