Try it Out Tuesday - F45 Class

Publish Date
Tuesday, 20 February 2018, 7:16PM

There's been some buzz around The Hits HQ for a new fitness class called F45 - Functional 45!

A training class where you go hard for 45 minutes, sweat bucket loads and tone up. Celia told me she'd booked me in to give this new 'trending' class a go saying - Don't wear too much and bring a towel!

I knew I was in for a smashing!

It was brutal with the non-stop action. The chin ups with the stretchy band freaked me out at first look but have to say the F45 team were awesome at giving me guidance and making me feel confident I could do it, so one hurdle overcome. They're also really good at kicking your butt to keep pushing but in the heat and being a first timer it was rough, really felt like I had no more to give. Bit of nausea, got pushed through it and might have said the words 'I don't think I like this!' Ha

Hard work, challenging, motivating, exhausting, grin and bear it and rosy cheeks that stuck around for a good few hours, sweat it out baby.

Take a look at our F45 - All Stars Training.

Also big thanks to other class members who were all very encouraging, handing out some high5's that I made it through my first go - appreciate peeps!