Try it Out Tuesday - Foodography Class

Publish Date
Tuesday, 30 July 2019, 5:52PM

As part of the Elemental Akl Festival the NZ School of Food and Wine hosted a Foodography Class.

Much Yum and Fun!

Led by director Celia Hay and her team at the school we attended in pairs for the evening with a guest speaker sharing tips and tricks for photo taking and sharing on social media. Do's and Don'ts of social media engagement then got to it on plating up food already prepped for us by the fab chef team, snapping pics and eating...OMG did we eat!

Clara and I were stoked too that three of our dishes made it to the finals for judging. Turns out we quite love playing with food!

Take a listen to our fantastic evening and check out the picture reel for delish dishes.

Highly recommend for a fun and interactive night out.

Thanks for having us Celia Hay. You and your team are fantastic!