Try it Out Tuesday - Home made Playdough

Publish Date
Tuesday, 2 March 2021, 3:58PM

10/10 parent life here team! I'm proud of myself (it's the little things right??)

Ava loved the home made playdough at playgroup last week, so given that we're now in lockdown level 3 again I thought I would try and make it for her.

Shout out to Te Atatu Peninsula playgroup - your recipe is the bomb!

Simple pantry ingredients - except the cream of tartar... why did I even have this in my pantry? It expired in 2013...I'm sure it's fine LOL.

Perfect texture, volume, shelf life and if they taste test it you know there are no harmful ingredients to panic about, yay.

Video to guide you through making your own.

Just watch husbands who like to get creative when asked to 'give it a feel' hahaha