Try it Out Tuesday - How well does pineapple on a pizza go down on Waiheke?

Publish Date
Tuesday, 7 September 2021, 8:11PM

During a recent trip to Waiheke my whanau and I were invited to join the fabulous team at Cafe Fenice Italia to have a go at creating our own authentic Italian pizzas.

Andrea is the man behind the magic of perfect pizza dough and exquisitely timed pizza cooking.

The main ingredient for a fantastic pizza? Amore/Love of course!!

So how does Andrea feel about pineapple on a pizza?

We found out, while joining him in the busy Fenice kitchen and eyeing up a pizza to shuck onto the shovel and get in the oven.

Thanks heaps to the Fenice team for having us, head chef Tim Pickering for letting me cause a raucous in his kitchen, maitre'd Will who settled us in and of course Andrea who made me feel good about what I was attempting to do despite being a tad nervous and somewhat average at it haha!

'You can do anything if you believe you can' - Andrea - Cafe Fenice Italia


Big thanks going out to Sealink Ferry too for getting us over to Waiheke and back.

Great to be able to travel all packed up in our car... there's a lot of stuff when travelling with kids!

Ava really loved being able to wave up to the Captain xo