Try it out Tuesday - Is this the BEST dessert ever?

Publish Date
Tuesday, 9 June 2020, 4:57PM

This came up on my social media feed a few times during lockdown life and I've finally taken on the task of creating it for myself to test out it's yumminess.

Direct quote from my bro Darryl - 'Now that's a quality dessert'

If you were a tidier kitchen hand than me you might make it look a little fancier too LOL

Only takes 3 ingredients and is a win for me. Looks like a cute little choc bonbon

Choc covered banana, peanut butter sandwiches (not actual sandwiches as my bro had originally pictured ha!)

Banana's - sliced (I did 2 large bananas)

Peanut butter - pics is always my choice

Block of chocolate - Whittakers for the win

Watch Video to put them altogether