Try it Out Tuesday - Maybe Estelle doesn't hate yoga after all

Timing is everything! A few days before we went into the nationwide lockdown back in August, my family and I were hosted over on Waiheke to check out some things we hadn't done before.

One of those things was for me to head along to the opening of a brand new Yoga studio in Ostend called Ritual NZ, led by the wonderful Premaloka.

Surrounded by locals I entered the new bright and airy studio and readied myself for a class that I really didn't expect to relax into as much as I did.

Prem took us through what I can only refer to as a very inner, eyes closed session of yoga that mixed controlled movements with concentrated breathing exercises and techniques that, as a busy Mum of a two year old, I found to be very freeing and got out a lot of my held lower back and shoulder stress.

I enjoyed connecting with my mind, heart and soul after really convincing myself 'I can DO this!' Turns out, yep I can.

Prem's voice is so hypnotic to listen too and I really trusted in her ability to guide us and challenge us.

So, we celebrated an opening and then...Lockdown.

I'm really pleased that before the year is through and with summer holidays upon us I can share this experience and perhaps convince you to head to Waiheke for yourself and experience the local scene in all that it has to offer.

Take a listen to our chat and for more on Prem and Ritual Yoga Studio click HEREĀ