Try it Out Tuesday - Putting stale tortilla wraps to good use

Publish Date
Tuesday, 16 February 2021, 1:10PM

This came up on my social feed recently to use up any corn/tortilla wraps you have and make them into chips.

Turns out I had a pile of them in the freezer waiting for action soooooo, got amongst the homemade snacks.

Now, granted, I could be way more of a homemade queen if I made the tortilla myself and the dips but...meh! LOL

Chips it is. Easy, yummy...maybe too yummy?!


Cut Tortilla/wraps into triangles - I used the pizza slicer

Spray with olive or bran oil, or whatever oil you like/have (the spray version makes it real easy)

I cracked over salt

Oven on fan bake, 180degrees

Bake til they start to brown and crisp up

Turn over and bake for another few minutes. I preferred them quite crispy so the bread wasn't soft or chewy in middle.

Serve anyway you like

Happy snacking!