Try it Out Tuesday - Spiral Slicer


I may have gone on about wanting one of these to my man a few times....yep he knows I'm a sucker for new food/health fads and gadgets aannnnd ... things I see for sale on the TV. Probably a good thing that since recent storms our TV doesn't go all that good any more (winky face) Anyway...I finally got one coz I found it in the GrabOne store, woohoo!

All in aid of trying out new things, check out my vege spirals! That zucchini didn't stand a chance ha!

The bit that's spiky and goes on the end, I'm guessing to help push the veges through, was too rough for the zucchini and just smashed up the end so I didn't use it. Might be better with a harder vege like carrot? I'll try again for sure.

Make sure to get amongst your own GrabOne finds below..............