Try it Out Tuesday - Vibrating Trainer

Publish Date
Tuesday, 12 June 2018, 4:38PM

I've seen versions of these in the malls but never been keen to get my wobble on in public so why not purchase one via GrabOne and get my wobble on.....yea...ummm, in public, at WORK even ha!

Curiosity has been the name of the game with this Try it Out, with varied results. Initial attempts result in 'it feels kinda weird' and 'is this how you use it?'

A week or so in for me with this now at home, I find standing straight on it gives a huge workout to my butt and legs and the downward facing dog with hands on plate that I originally took the mickey out of seems to be toning up my arms. However at the lower level holding a plank my brain feels quite jiggled and I'm thinking I should wear a mouth guard! 10 minutes a day, I'm seeing some results....keep you posted.

Try out some new things for yourself via GrabOne, check the link below......