Try it Out Tuesday - Estelle tries out AWWA - Period Underwear

My bestie had already discovered AWWA period underwear and, for her, reckons it was an absolute gamechanger so I was curious to try for myself.

Kylie at AWWA very generously gifted me a set of AWWA period underwear to try for myself.

I went for the All Day Cotton Classics and Skye High - coz I sure do love me the Marilyn Monroe look in knickers!

Stoked to have found an Aotearoa company rocking the mahi on this one and helping change the taboo nature of what 50% of the population experience on a monthly basis. 

I found the Classics comfy, thick waistband and thicker gusset for heavy flow, sitting quite firm into my belly. Was a little worried the first time around with leakage, but had no problems at all. It felt freeing, liberating even to not have to worry about pads, changing them, or having them with me in the first place.

The Skye High underwear is reeeaaallly comfy, I love the fit of those, good for the last few days of flow and would be good when you're waiting for your period to arrive or just want some extra protection day or two after.

The thicker gusset in the classics does take a couple of days to dry so I would advise having a few pairs, sky-high dry quickly overnight. 

Rinse them in the tub or shower or wherever you feel comfortable for you to do that, I popped them in a delicates bag and bunged them through the washing machine. Good as gold, washed up great.

Highly recommend giving them a try for yourself!

More from Kylie and the team at AWWA HERE

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