Sam Wallace announces exciting baby news ...

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Tuesday, 21 August 2018, 8:45AM


Sam Wallace shared some very exciting news this morning … He is about to become a father!

Revealing his baby news to Sarah Gandy and Laura McGoldrick – who is filling in for Toni Street while she is on maternity leave – he explained that it hasn’t been an easy journey.

He and his partner Sarah Bowman - aka Bobo - have actually been down this road before.

"I’ve been with my partner for a quite a while now and last year we got pregnant and we were pretty excited about it,” Sam said, “We were actually at the 12-week mark … and that’s when we got the call that everything wasn’t right and we battled on with that, and at 17 weeks we lost the baby.

“It’s one of the hardest things that I’ve gone through and you can only imagine what my girlfriend’s gone through with that and everything that goes along with losing a baby.”

“But…” he continued, “This is a pretty good news story… because… I’m going to be a dad!

“We’re past the point in which we lost the baby last time around now, so we feel like it’s relatively safe to let everybody know that we’re going to have a baby!”

Photo / NZH

Sarah and Laura were quick to congratulate Sam, with Sarah joking: “God it’s a fertile bunch here, isn’t it?”

Sam – who is yet to reveal the sex of his baby - also noted that he has turned to his co-star and mum-of-three Toni Street for guidance in his new parenting endeavour.

“I guess I’m a few weeks behind Toni but it's quite cool to know that we’re going to have babies around the same age,” Sam said, “Toni’s pretty good at paving the way and helping me out. She’s pretty excited about the news as well.

“So yeah, we’ll be having a baby before the end of the year!”

Co-host Laura also had some advice for the dad-to-be, saying: “Get ready for the greatest ride of your life!”

“I’m looking forward to it more than ever,” Sam continued. “This for me has cleared up so much in my head… Getting this news… I’m just so excited about it. I just can’t wait to be a dad.”

“I want to do my darndest to be a great dad.”

You will make an excellent father Sam Wallace! Congratulations!