Anika Moa shares an inspirational message about getting 'bikini body ready'

Anika Moa revealed that up until last year - when she was pregnant with her darling daughter Marigold - she had never worn a bikini before in her entire life.

She explained to her co-hosts Stace Morrison and Mike Puru that swimwear has been something she’s always felt a little self-conscious about

"I used to be quite embarrassed about my bikini body, or my tog body," Anika said, describing herself as a woman with a "voluptuous" bod.

She said wearing a bikini at first made her feel "self-conscious" but she soon realised that no one else really cares and it totally doesn’t matter what you wear at the beach.

And so she’s decided to repeat the bikini-wearing again this year!

"I felt really beautiful, and I actually felt like a beached whale as well because I was heavily pregnant," she said, "But I just thought, this summer I’m doing to do the same thing … I got a bit of wobble in my body and I’m going to rock my beach body!"

Anika said she was partly inspired by one of Stace’s favourite summer mantras.

Stace explained that there are actually just two simple steps to getting a "bikini body" this summer.

  1. Find a bikini you like.
  2. Put it on your body.

It’s that simple!

This summer we should all try to throw our inhibitions aside and enjoy our time at the beach no matter what we’re wearing.