Here's Mike Puru's REPORT CARD on how he did during his first week with The Hits!

Mike Puru officially joined The Hits team this week, driving listeners home every arvo alongside Stacey Morrison!

So what better way to end the week than with a cheeky little report card, you know, just to see how Mike’s been shaping up …

He kicked off the week with a bang by giving away a prize to see Lady Gaga live in Las Vegas to one lucky winner. Very nice!

Mike displayed also an excellent attitude, revealing he’s upping his fitness game by getting back into running. However, Stace did note that apparently, the calorie counter on your Fitbit doesn’t actually mean anything … Sorry, Mike.

While mostly cooperative, Mike and Stace did have their first … disagreement, after he discovered that Stace is NOT a fan of cats … So points for liking cats … but also points deducted for liking cats?

Mike showed his sense of humour while discussing breastfeeding a baby in a pool with Anika Moa – though a little "uncouth" he definitely made us laugh! Extra points!

He also got over his nerves over how to pronounce Anika’s last name … Moa, not ‘mower’.

Special notes from Producer MU and Producer Alex:

Mike’s work ethic is off the charts! Not only has he arrived early every day this week, but he even stayed late one night to do "extra work" after everyone else had left. Wowza!

While there aren’t many negatives to discuss, it must be noted that Mike has the very quirky tendency of killing the environment with the amount of paper he uses and saying "sorry" after every time the mics switch off.

Overall, Mike has proven that he still has the knack!

Final grade: A++