Stacey Morrison shares her genius parenting tips for making back-to-school easier

Publish Date
Monday, 29 January 2018, 12:00PM

This time of year can be crazy for parents and kids alike, with children all over the country gearing up to return to school.

But it doesn't have to be stressful.

Here Stace shares some of the best tips and tricks she uses for when her young ones get back to school.

What is your top healthy (or not so healthy) school lunch hack?

Bento box style lunch boxes, with six compartments in each of them. Some are ridiculously expensive so I hunted online and found pretty much the same thing for cheaper, I celebrated much more than a grown adult should. No wrappers or packaging so it's easier to pack and means it's easy to use leftovers.

What is the best morning routine for getting the kids ready for school?

My husband is a lot better at it than me, so I try to copy what he does until he arrives after early morning work. Early morning yoga at home helps me stay more zen!

What are your greatest tips for dealing with drop-off/pick-up mayhem?

Keep in touch with parents at school who are keen to share the load, and help them the same amount - don’t be 'that guy' who takes the help but doesn’t reciprocate.

What tricks do you have for getting them to do their homework?

Sitting with them and being interested in what they’re doing – but also not thrashing it when they’re justifiably tired and not up to it.

How on earth do you get all the bubbles out of duraseal books?

Only NASA knows this.