Stacey Morrison warns Kiwis over fake money scam that is bizarrely using her image

Publish Date
Friday, 18 January 2019, 10:30AM

Stacey Morrison has warned Kiwis about a scam circulating the internet that she has unexpectedly found herself caught up in.

The strange ad features a photo of Stace taken from an interview from TVNZ's Breakfast show and claims that she has a "loophole to millions" - which is obviously a complete fabrication.

In fact, one ad even says her name is 'Jessica' … Um, what?!

Stace called out the bizarre scam on Instagram and warned people not to click on it.

"Hopefully it’s obvious but … Seeing as it happens to be a photo of me I think I should say, this link is a scam," Stace said.

"It’s a screenshot from a brief guest slot I did on the Breakfast show which seems to have been targeted.

"I promise I’m not hiding loopholes to millions," she added.