Stacey Morrison's embarrassing moment after accidentally watching an inappropriate movie with her kids

Sometimes movies we loved in our youth turn out to be A LOT raunchier than we remember them being …

This is exactly what happened to Stacey Morrison when she sat down to watch Dirty Dancing with her kids in the holidays.

At first, Stace said she was caught up in the nostalgia of all the scenes she loved, "and then I realise it’s actually not very appropriate. It’s quite racy!"

"They start grinding right from the start," Stace said. "I guess it’s called Dirty Dancing, isn’t it."

"I didn’t remember that there’s quite a lot going on after hours [in] Dirty Dancing."

Flynny pointed out that it can still happen the other way around when watching something with the parents or the in-laws and a "grim" scene comes on.

Whatever age you are, it's never not awkward!