Alycia from 'Married at First Sight' shows off incredible 42kg weight loss!

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Thursday, 22 February 2018, 10:29AM

WARNING: For those who haven't watched last nights' episode, this story contains spoilers!


While 'Married at First Sight' Australia's Alycia Galbraith was left heartbroken on the show, she's casting her relationship woes aside and opening up about her jaw-dropping 42kg weight loss.

The 29-year-old, whose marriage to Mat Lockett failed to work, took to Instagram to share an inspirational before and after shot showing off her epic weight loss.

Admitting she was “SUPER nervous” to reveal what she used to look like, Alycia asked her 29k followers to “please be kind.”

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The Sydney stunner revealed she slimmed down by cutting all 'toxic' people out of her life.

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She captioned the photo:

"When the producers on Married at First Sight learnt about my weight loss journey, I was asked if I had any photos of myself at my biggest to include in my backstory, as it is a significant part of my life. I said no to sharing photos initially as it is hard to look at them myself let alone have others judge me! Despite my smile, I wasn’t a happy person in the photo on the left. I was in a bad relationship I didn’t have the strength to leave at the time, I was constantly criticised for the way I looked & rebelled by eating more. Literally the only reason I said yes to sharing my story in the end is because I was promised that it would help people & I really hope it can."

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Speaking to Woman's Day, Alycia confessed she only truly began to embrace her new body shape while filming the 'Married At First Sight' promo.

“I used to get quite upset about my appearance, but I reached the epitome of self-love when we filmed the MAFS promo ad. I had a weird and wonderful experience when I saw my stunt double, and couldn't believe I looked like her."

Alycia now weighs a healthy 67kg and we think she looks amazing!