Ariana Grande’s epic Carpool Karaoke will absolutely blow you away

Publish Date
Friday, 17 August 2018, 8:20AM

Oh, how we love a good Carpool Karaoke - and the latest episode featuring Ariana Grande has blown everyone away!

The pop sensation joined The Late Late Show host James Corden in the passenger's seat to cruise the streets and bust out some of her best hits.

It didn’t take long for Ariana to show off her musical skills, as she effortlessly riffed overtop of Dangerous Woman and Side to Side.

The 25-year-old revealed that she honed her talent by listening to music legends “divas” like Beyonce, Whitney Houston, Maria Carey and Celine Dion.

"It took me a minute to find my own sound because I was just singing their songs so much growing up," she told James.

Ariana then gave her best Celine Dion impersonation and it was absolutely amazing.

This wasn’t the first time Ariana covered the superstar either.

Earlier this week on The Late Late Show she and James reenacted every scene from the movie Titanic set to pop songs, including Celine's My Heart Will Go On.