Avril Lavigne has just dropped a NEW song featuring Nicki Minaj - and we are loving it!

Publish Date
Thursday, 14 February 2019, 3:19PM

Everyone's favourite sk8r girl is back!

Avril Lavigne has just dropped her first single in four years with Nicki Minaj and this track is a TUNE.

Titled 'Dumb Blonde,' Nicki teased the song on her Instagram prior to its release while voicing her affection for the pop-punk legend.

"If you know me you know how long I’ve been a fan of hers," she captioned the post. "You couldn’t tell me I wasn’t hittin’ EVERY note on 'I'm With You' in the shower."

The Complicated hitmaker also shared the inspiration behind the track on Twitter.

"We wrote Dumb Blonde as an anthem for anyone who has been stereotyped or talked down to. Keep your confidence up and don’t let anyone tell you how to be," she said.

In September last year, the 34-year-old pop star – who hasn’t put out a new album since 2013 – wrote an open letter to fans announcing she would be releasing new music following being diagnosed with Lyme disease.

"Thank you for waiting so patiently as I fought through and still continue to fight, the battle of my lifetime," she said.

"I’m so excited to be returning with new music and to have you on this journey with me. Let’s do this! New era!"

The track will feature on Avril’s upcoming album, Head Above Water.