Beloved 'Home and Away' actor has confirmed they're leaving the soap

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Thursday, 12 October 2017, 2:56PM



Back in August rumours were swirling Home and Away was about to lose one of its beloved characters.

Summer Bay's resident policewoman Katarina 'Kat' Chapman, played by Pia Miller, was reported be getting killed off the soap.

But after months of speculation, Miller has finally confirmed that she will be leaving the bay.

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Talking toThe Daily Telegraph Miller shared that she would be spending more time with her sons Isaiah, 14, and Lenny, 10, as well as her boyfriend Tyson Mullane.

“I take it day by day and I audition for things when they come up.

“I don't have my sights set on Hollywood, which is always publicised about me. It's not the case.”

Kat - who first hit our screens in 2015 - will be involved in a massive car crash in the season finale, which will kill both her and her unborn child.

According to reports, the scene took a tense 13 hours to film.

While the storyline was originally leaked by a local resident who received a letter informing them of the upcoming filming, photos have since been released of the cast filming a solemn funeral scene.

Two coffins were used during the scene.