Bindi Irwin's embarrasing guilty pleasure exposed!

Publish Date
Tuesday, 25 September 2018, 9:31AM

Bindi was left a little embarrassed after brother Bob called her out in a Facebook Livestream earlier this week

Bindi, Bob with their mother Terri Irwin held a Livestream in support of Animal Planet, answering fans questions- but one answer taught us a bit more than we thought we needed to know...

When a fan asked the family what American treats they miss when they are at home in Australia - Bob’s answer was very unexpected.

He told the online audience (of thousands of people) that Bindi imports Charmin brand toilet paper from the US to their residence at Australia Zoo on the Sunshine Coast.

And you bet she was a bit embarrassed, saying:

 "Do you have to tell the world that?

“Your toilet paper is really soft here but I think we could have not said that on live Animal Planet Facebook feed but that’s cool.”

Mum Terri Irwin got in on the bog paper expose, saying Bindi mails boxes of it home:

"People send it to me. She’ll ask for it.” 

At this point, Bindi broke, and let us in on the full extent of her habit.

"My Aunt texted me from Oregon and she said ‘what would you like for your birthday?’ and, I love cards because I love writing to people, so I asked her for cards and toilet paper.”


You can check out the full live stream here- with the funny moment at 18:50