'Breakfast' TV star Daniel Faitaua reveals brother's cancer battle during emotional farewell

Emotions were high on Breakfast this morning as Daniel Faitaua bid farewell to his colleagues and co-hosts.

Faitaua, who is moving to London to become TVNZ's Europe correspondent, wept as he said goodbye to his colleagues, and revealed the move is all the more emotional as he leaves his brother, who is dying of cancer.

"I've cried a lot this week," Faitaua said through tears. "It's been a bittersweet farewell."

Faitaua said his brother was "the one that said, 'Go back and finish your last show with your family'.

"Anthony, if you're watching, I love you so much, keep fighting the good fight."

Faitaua described his time on Breakfast as an "amazing three years".

Weatherman Matty McLean also shed tears as he said goodbye to Faitaua, who he has known for 11 years.

"We went to broadcasting school together [and] we worked together in Wellington," McLean revealed.

Photo / TVNZ

"It's been a dream," said McLean, fighting back tears. "You're one of the best."

John Campbell described Faitaua as a "beautiful, bright, big-hearted, generous, lovely man".

Anna Burns-Francis, who is filling in for Hayley Holt, said Faitaua was "so sharp, so funny and so dry. You're always on fire".

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Last week, Holt gave Faitaua an emotional farewell after their last Breakfast together.

"I can't believe that I'm totally tearing up but I love you, and I totally wish you the best," Holt said.

"It's the very last day that we're all going to be here together, and thank you for being with us New Zealand, and thank you, Daniel."

This article was first published on the NZ Herald and is republished here with permission.