Can you guess which Kiwi celeb this cute little kid grows up to be?

Photo / Instagram

Photo / Instagram

We all love a good Throwback Thursday moment and this week we are delighted to share this nugget of gold.

Taking to Instagram this week, Bachelor NZ couple Art and Matilda Green shared hilarious old photos.

Matilda shared a snap of her hubby in a black v-neck sweater with a buttoned-up shirt and glasses with the caption:

"Hey @art_green remember when you posted that unfortunate photo of me? Well I see that photo, and I raise you 2004-Art."

Art then replied on the same picture saying, "In my defence, I had borrowed one-inch-thick glasses from a classmate and brushed my fringe forward to look more studious. But I was quite a weird kid."

So cute!

He also posted a primary school photo from his time at Northland School.

He captioned it: "Back in 1995 when I used to ride my Harley to school and drink Woodstock's at playtime."

His new wife responded to the snap saying: "I feel like you were the kid that used to pull your pants down all the time. There’s one in every class."

Love the old photos guys! Keep them coming.

This article was first published on Spy and is republished here with permission.