Enrique Iglesias has finally shared the first picture of his twins together

Publish Date
Thursday, 26 April 2018, 9:20AM

After months of waiting Enrique Iglesias has FINALLY given fans their first glimpse of his twins together.

The 42-year-old singer and his long-term partner Anna Kournikova welcomed Nicholas and Lucy into the world in December and though they have previously shown fans single shots of the babies, today marked the first time either of them have posted a photo of both tots.

The photo was taken from behind, so no faces could be seen, but it showed Enrique wearing a baseball cap while sitting on the couch with his children either side of him. Lucy was wearing a floral outfit and pink bib, and Nicholas had a yellow and white top with a bee-print bib.

The trio could be seen watching the Liverpool V Roma Champions League soccer match on television.

The 'Bailamos' hitmaker captioned the image with a number of ball emojis and wrote: "Game day!!"

Though the couple are very private, Enrique couldn't help but gush about parenthood while on stage at the Budapest Sports Arena last month.

He said: "I became a father 12 weeks ago and I can absolutely tell you two things: I love my babies! I love them very much. Actually three things [I love]: I love my girl and I super f***ing love you guys for being here tonight. This is for your loyalty."

Meanwhile, the singer's mother Isabel Preysler recently revealed Enrique is "extraordinarily happy" with life as a father to his "perfect" twins.

Isabel said: "Enrique is extraordinarily happy. The children are perfect, beautiful and growing phenomenally well."

And his sister Tamara added: "Lucy looks more like Anna, she is blonde and has blue eyes, and Nico looks more like Enrique."