Five signs that Meghan Markle has probably already given birth to Baby Sussex!

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News has broken that a private ambulance was spotted with a police escort driving through Windsor - sparking rumours that the wait for Harry and Meghan's baby to arrive could soon be over.

... But is it possible that Baby Sussex has actually already been born?

And there are a few signs that this could be the case. For one thing, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex revealed last month that they would not be following tradition by appearing on the steps of the Lindo Wing shortly after their baby's arrival, a la Kate and Harry's mother Diana.

Instead, their plan was a private birth and time spent quietly at home with family before making any announcements. And we have reason to believe that time is now.

It appears that not only has Meghan's due date been and gone - she let slip to a fan she was due at the end of April - now Prince Harry has announced he is going to the Netherlands in just a few days time.

With the Queen paying the Duchess a visit earlier this week, we've become extremely suspicious that Meghan has already given birth to Baby Sussex.

Here are all the reasons why Baby Sussex is more than likely already here:

1. The Queen wasn't just visiting Meghan

Why else would the Queen pay Meghan a visit? Liz is a busy woman. She's seen Meghan at plenty of royal engagements throughout her pregnancy. Why would she need to pop in for a cuppa while Meghan's fit to burst, holed up with her Diptyque candles and rolling around uncomfortably on her yoga mat?

What's more likely is that Baby Sussex has arrived, the Queen has given the child a royal once over and is getting on with her life, content in the knowledge that her favourite grandson is finally a father.

2. The announcement will have to wait because of Charlotte's birthday

While she's probably still second to Meghan and Harry in the Google search stakes, the next royal with the most attention this week is little Princess Charlotte. A new release of cute snaps, taken by her mum the Duchess of Cambridge, are making their way around the internet to celebrate the Princess' fourth birthday.

And if you were to believe everything you've read about Meghan to date, you'd be inclined to agree there'd be no way she'd want to share news of her first born's arrival with Kate's child's birthday.

3. Geriatric pregnancies don't go far past due dates

At the sprightly age of 37, Meghan is considered by medical standards a geriatric pregnancy - as is any pregnancy where the mother is over 35. A geriatric pregnancy comes with greater risks of stillbirth and miscarriage, potential complications and an increased risk of Downs syndrome and other chromosomal abnormalities.

Because of all these risks, geriatric pregnancies are more carefully monitored by doctors and midwives and usually not allowed to go much over their due date.

A study published by PLOS Medicine found that bringing forward the routine offer of inducing labour from 41-42 weeks to 40 weeks in women aged over 35, reduced the overall rates of perinatal death.

So it seems very unlikely the royal family would allow Meghan to go beyond her April due date, putting her under increased risk.

4. Surely, Harry wouldn't miss the birth

Harry's displays of a nurturing nature have earned him praise across the globe. So fans were left shocked by the news that the father-in-waiting is taking up a royal engagement next week.

But it hardly seems likely the sweet Prince would leave his wife when she's overdue with their first baby. Especially given how protective the Duke appears to be of his Duchess.

Regardless of his royal status, there is also little chance any first-time mum-to-be would be relaxed about their partner being an international flight away, leaving her alone to bear the literal weight of advanced pregnancy.

5. Meghan would have wanted the family around - Easter was a good time for that

Should Meghan have decided on a C-section, she would more than likely have chosen a date when she could be surrounded by family. Four days over Easter seems like a pretty perfect time.

Given that William has just returned from his New Zealand trip and Harry has also been on public duty this week, it seems unlikely Meghan would have opted to have the baby later.

Whether or not the free-spirited Duchess chose to have her baby naturally, or via C-section, is something the public will very likely never know.

But we predict the birth of Baby Sussex will be announced if not today then in the next few days - before Prince Harry's upcoming trip on May 8 and 9. 

Then finally, perhaps, we can all be put out of our misery.

This article was originally published on the NZ Herald and is republished here with permission.