Kiwi Bachelor Zac Franich taking new love to next level

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Tuesday, 3 April 2018, 9:00AM

Bachelor NZ star Zac Franich has found love outside reality TV and he's ready to take things to the next level.

Speaking to Woman's Day, Franich has revealed he and his new partner Erin Simpson are moving in together, just three months into their relationship.

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He says despite the short relationship, the move feels right and Simpson adds: "When you know, you know. People used to say that to me and I was like, really? But I totally understand it now. I just feel like the little girl who has found her Prince Charming."

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Franich spent five months with the winner of The Bachelor, Viarni Bright, after the show but the pair called it quits in November. Simpson split from her partner and happened to bump into Franich again when they were both single - "it was just perfect the universe was helping us along," she says.

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Simpson says she made it a point to sit down with Bright and get her blessing, and since then she and Franich have spent almost every day together - to the point Simpson's family have had to implement a time limit on how long she can spend gushing about her beau.


They've met each other's families, had "the chat" about getting serious, shared "I love yous" and have booked a holiday to Hawaii for August. All that's left is figuring out where they'll move in together.

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"I'm just throwing myself in and seeing where we end up, and I'm already stoked," says Franich.

Simpson adds: "We were both saying the other day that we are glad we have taken a risk and decided to fall in love again. ..moving in is really the start of the next big adventure for us."

This article was first published on Spy and is republished here with permission.