Lucy Boynton reveals 'crude' interview question forced her to keep Rami Malek romance private

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Lucy Boynton keeps her love life private to "protect" herself.

The 25-year-old actress has been dating Rami Malek since the pair met on the set of Bohemian Rhapsody over two years ago, and Lucy has admitted she admires people in the public eye who are completely open about every aspect of their life.

Speaking in an interview with The Cut magazine, Lucy said: "I have a lot of respect, and a lot of questions, for those people who don’t seem to have any protective layer and who are absolutely themselves in every scenario.

"When you are so exposed, the way that you are in the publicity side of our work, I don’t know how you protect yourself if you don’t keep something for yourself."

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On why she is more guarded when it comes to the intimate details of her relationship with Rami, 38, Lucy added: "I had an interview recently where I was asked such crude and candid questions about my relationship.

"It kind of forced me to pull way back."

Rami recently gushed about how he has "found happiness" with Lucy.

The Oscar-winner said it is important to "latch on" to happiness wherever you find it.

He said: "Hollywood gets this rap of a lot of lascivious, nasty things that take place within the confines of pre-production to post-production and studios and agents and whatnot. If you can find any type of happiness in it, latch on."

Meanwhile, Lucy is constantly doing "surprising" things to make her partner happy, including throwing a surprise birthday party for her boyfriend in May, with several members of the cast of the Freddie Mercury biopic in attendance.

Rami previously gushed: "I am so lucky to have someone in my life who does very lovely, surprising things, has an amazing smile and keeps me very grounded.”

- Bang! Showbiz