Matilda and Art Green welcome baby boy in living room homebirth

Photo / Instagram

Photo / Instagram

Former Bachelor New Zealand star Art Green and wife Matilda have welcomed a baby boy.

Milo Kenneth Green arrived in a homebirth on Wednesday and was delivered by Green, the couple announced on social media.

"Our beautiful baby boy Milo Kenneth Green arrived on Wednesday evening in our living room just as we planned/hoped, with @art_green delivering him.

"The most incredible experience of my entire life. We're all loving settling into our new family of 5 (cats included obviously).

"I promise he does open his eyes sometimes, though not that often currently."

Art also took to social media to share the exciting news.

"My beautiful wife, and son Milo Green," he captioned the post.

"On Wednesday evening during a power cut, Matty gave birth naturally in our lounge. She was incredible, using breathing techniques to remain calm and strong throughout. I even got to deliver the little guy. Tell ya what, they are slippery little octopuses when they come out. Everyone is happy and healthy and filled with love."

Taking to their Instagram stories Art and Matilda shared more adorable photos and videos of their newborn boy.

"My little Milo," Matilda captioned onw sweet snap, while Art shared a video of him deflating the birthing pool they had used during the living room labour as well as revealing that their baby boy was very "chill" after having his first bath.

The couple recently shared photos of their son's nursery on Instagram, captioning the image: "See you soon little man, we're ready and waiting for you! #39weeks"

The photo revealed a cosy armchair covered with a sheepskin, a chest of drawers with books and toys and two sketches of rabbits hung on duck-egg blue walls.

In April, the Instagram-savvy duo announced they were "so bloody excited" to be expecting a boy, and told Woman's Day he will be a "free-range baby".

"We really want our kids to grow up surrounded by nature and, as a family, living off the land as best we can."

The Greens, who met on the first season of New Zealand's edition of The Bachelor in 2015, have been together for four years. The couple recently bought their first home together in Warkworth and run several businesses.

In February they got married on Waiheke Island in a small ceremony where Matilda also took the opportunity to announce her pregnancy to family and friends.

This article was first published on the NZ Herald and is republished here with permission.