Nadia Lim shares warning to Kiwis after falling victim to online scam

Photo / Doug Sherring

Photo / Doug Sherring

Celebrity chef Nadia Lim has been involved in an online scam and is warning her followers not to be "fooled".

The mother-of-two says she is the subject of a fake story claiming she has left cooking to go into the skincare business, promoting skincare product, L'Avere.

Posting on Facebook and Instagram, Lim wrote: "It sucks to have to post this, but just in case you've seen a ridiculous article circulating on social media that I've left cooking to go into the skincare business going by the brand name L'Avere (as if!) don't be fooled by these d...head scammers! ... I'm so annoyed Grrrrr."

"Please don't be fooled by this illegal activity, whatever you do don't hand over your personal or credit card details to these scammers. L'Avere is in no way endorsed by me."

She also urged her followers to report the post.

"If you come across them the best thing you can do is report them too".

Nadia Lim is not the only Kiwi celebrity to fall victim to an online scam.

Earlier this year, TVNZ took legal action against a scam website selling argan oil products that claimed Hayley Holt was leaving the station in order to start her own beauty company.

Multiple viewers got in touch with the show to tell them they lost money after dealing with the argan oil website, leading the hosts to address the issue on the show.

"We need to warn you about another scam doing the rounds," Holt said on air at the time.

"Apparently the scam says I use a product called argan oil. The site then offers the chance to buy a sample of the product," she continued.

"But we've had a few of you get in touch to say you have been overcharged or charged multiple times, so we've started legal action to get these stories removed."

Holt joked that starting her own beauty company is "actually a great idea" but she's not leaving the TV show.

This article was first published on the NZ Herald and is republished here with permission.