Newlywed Matilda Green shares first ultrasound of her unborn baby and it is so precious

Publish Date
Wednesday, 6 March 2019, 2:00PM

Newlywed Matilda Green has shared an ultrasound of her first child with Art Green.

Taking to Instagram the Kiwi mother-to-be wrote: "The coolest thing ever is seeing your baby looks like an actual baby. It has a head! And limbs! And little tiny hands and feet!

"This moment makes all the tougher days of pregnancy worth it. We love you so much already little Green."

So sweet!

Just last week Matilda – who is roughly 15 weeks pregnant - revealed to Laura McGoldrick and Toni Street that she has been suffering from bad morning sickness.

"I mean, I vomited pretty much every day for the last 6-weeks," Matilda explained. "It’s just part of my morning routine now."

Matilda and Art announced the news that they are expecting their first baby together after getting married on February 15.

"So special to have our first baby be a part of it in my tummy," she wrote alongside her wedding day snap.