Nigella Lawson's hilarious cooking bloopers prove she's just like the rest of us in the kitchen

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Wednesday, 6 December 2017, 7:30AM
Photo / Instagram

Photo / Instagram

She's always so polished on screen, and it looks as if nothing could ruffle her feathers.

But Nigella Lawson, 57, revealed even she can let down her glamorous guard as she shared a reel of hilarious outtakes from her latest show, At My Table, the Daily Mail reports.

To mark the end of the cooking series, she shared the video clips on her Instagram page, much to the delight of her 1.1 million fans.

They reveal kitchen equipment dropping near her head, hilariously misspoken words and some very messy eating on camera. 

And the prim-and-proper TV cook even swears like a sailor at the end in a very uncharacteristic bout of cursing as she shoots her last scene.

The reel begins with Nigella struggling through her lines as she wrangles with a sheet of clingfilm, which she bites into in frustration as she fluffs up her words.

She's then filmed searching for a sieve, but one of the spare hooks that hold up the hanging kitchen equipment comes loose, and comes down with a clang on her chopping board.

Later, it happens again, and she proclaims: "Help! Now the kitchen is attacking me!"

When she tucks into a plate of her shoestring fries, they go everywhere, covering her top and face with crumbs.

She laughs and comments: "There is no elegant way to eat these, and praise be to God."

Later in the clip, she calls pepper "feffer" and scissors "ciggers", giggling as she realises that she's messed up her lines.

Much was made of Nigella's "Psycho" moment at the time when she gleefully stabbed a leg of lamb while looking at the camera with crazed eyes, but now it can be revealed that she collapsed in a fit of hysterics shortly after.

Another short clip shows her playfully singing and dancing as she uses her stunning £739 (NZ$1444) rose gold KitchenAid mixer.

At the end, as she films her last scene where she puts something in the oven, she cheerfully declares "So long suckers!" in a very un-Nigella way as the director calls "cut".

This article was first published on Daily Mail and is republished here with permission.