Pink hits out at well-known comedian after he made sexist comments towards her

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Tuesday, 12 December 2017, 2:00PM

Pink has opened up about the sexist comments she faced following her performance at the MTV Awards.

After rocking the stage in a pair of hot pants, the 'What About Us' singer was told to “put some panties on – you’re a mum now”.

Pink revealed: “A male comedian said, ‘Put that s*** away, nobody wants to see that’.

“I thought that was awful – so mean.

“I just said, ‘The next time you get invited then you can bring me a pair of pants’.”

The comments were made by 'Scary Movie' comic Marlon Wayans.

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But don't worry Pink fans, she's trying to “change the narrative” regarding industry sexism with passionate speeches and has vowed to continue "wearing skimpy clothes" despite the comments!