Pink shares 'compassionate', 'lovely' moment she had with Robin Williams that we never knew about

Pink and Robin Williams pictured together in 2011. Photo / Getty

Pink and Robin Williams pictured together in 2011. Photo / Getty

Pink's "favourite" career moment was losing her first solo Grammy award nominations.

The 40-year-old singer - who had previously won one of the prestigious accolades for her collaboration on Lady Marmalade was up for two honours in 2003 for her album M!ssundaztood and single Get the Party Started but lost out to Norah Jones.

Though she was initially devastated not to win, the So What hitmaker  soon cheered up after the "lovely" Robin Williams - who passed away in August 2014 - made it his mission to make her smile again from his seat in front of her and she thinks her memory of the night is much better than any award.

Pink recalled to Billboard magazine: "[Robin turned around] and launched into a 15-minute stand-up routine for me. He made fun of everybody that walked by.

"He was so compassionate and lovely to me that it ended up being one of my favourite moments of my career. I was so glad I f***ing lost.

"My Grammy would be sitting down at my guesthouse collecting dust, but I have the memory of Robin Williams being an amazing person."

Pink - who has daughter Willow, eight, and son Jameson, two, with her husband Carey Hart - thinks her long career is nothing more than a "fluke".

She said: "This is the longest-running fluke in history. And I'm into it."

And despite her years of success, the Raise a Glass singer still doesn't feel like she fits in with her musical peers.

She said: "I was the kid who wasn't invited over to anybody else's house because their parents hated me. You grow up with that f***ing chip on your shoulder."

- Bang! Showbiz