Princess Charlotte hilariously looks NOTHING like an age progression photo released before her birth

Photo / Instagram

Photo / Instagram

There is no denying that royal fans can get a little ahead of themselves when it comes to the birth of a new member of the British monarchy.

Some spend months guessing their due date, gender and name ... while others take it a step further and try to predict what the baby will look like.

Before Princess Charlotte was born, a royal follower decided to combine a photo of Prince William and Kate Middleton to get an idea of how the youngster could look.

But now that the little Princess is four years old, it's safe to say they got it VERY wrong!

The image shows the young girl with Kate's dark brunette locks and an even combination of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's facial features.

However, Charlotte actually has dark blonde hair, similar to her father.

She also resembles William and her dad's side of the family the most.

Earlier this week, it was revealed that Charlotte will join her big brother George at school, attending Thomas’s Battersea in September.