Remember Hi-5? Well, original cast member Nathan Foley has teased an 18+ reunion show

An original member of the Hi-5 cast has teased that the group could be reuniting for a special performance.

The popular Australian children's show ran from 1999-2011 and captured the heart of many Kiwi children.

Nathan Foley posted a picture of himself with his castmates Kellie Crawford, Kathleen de Leon Jone, Tim Harding and Charli Robinson.

He teased that the cast is putting together a reunion show for fans.

"Who wants the original Hi-5 to do a special reunion concert? If you think we should? Then Let us know if you'll be there (sic).

"This post can be your petition," he wrote.

The show ran for fourteen seasons and had nearly 600 episodes.

The original cast starred together for eight seasons. Kathleen left the show after season 8, and Tim left the show after season 9. The rest of the original cast performed on the show together for ten seasons.

A revived version of the series aired in 2017.

While a reunion show is yet to be confirmed, fans can show their Hi-5 love on the Instagram post.

So far, the post has attracted over 10,000 likes and 3,000 comments.

Foley said in the comments he is "working on getting the show-up and running."

Some fans asked why the show was restricted just over 18 year-olds.

One person commented: "Why 18+ like you got audiences a little younger u aren't that old mate (sic)."

Foley hit back at the criticism and replied: "Judging from when we started back in 1998, the demographic is leaving (sic) more to 18+.

"It's not set in stone yet. 18+ also depends on what kind of material we use in the show."

Blue Wiggle Anthony showed his support, commenting "Yessss (sic)."

Recently, the original Wiggles cast got back together for a reunion in support of the Australian bush fire relief effort.

Yellow Wiggle Greg Page suffered a cardiac arrest backstage at the Sydney event last Friday.

He has since been discharged from hospital.

This article was first published on the NZ Herald and is republished here with permission.