REVEALED: The secrets behind the scenes of Home And Away

Publish Date
Tuesday, 23 April 2019, 1:15PM

Fascinating behind-the-scenes secrets of our favourite Australian TV soap, which has been running for over 30 years, have been revealed.

Strict diets, multiple outfits for cast members, as well as actor Ray Meagher's (who plays Alf Stewart) free supply of R.M. Williams boots, are just some of the trivia unveiled by

As reported by the news outlet, Ray's much-loved character has been sporting the leather company's footwear on the show for so long that the wardrobe department has scored a special deal from the brand.

In fact, in developing his character with the show's producers back in the day, the 74-year-old actor was adamant that Alf would wear the leather boots and moleskin trousers, despite the beach location where the series is set.

Fans might also be interested in knowing the catering rules that help their favourite stars maintain their Summer Bay physiques.

It's been revealed that the only meals found around set in Palm Beach are healthy dishes and salads, to ensure the cast look fit is they're required to strip down to their bathers.

Back in wardrobe, it's not uncommon for there to be multiple exact sets of a star's on-screen outfit.

There can be sometimes up to four outfits set aside, in case the costumes are ruined during filming.

It's also the job of the location scouting team to notify residents in the surrounding suburbs as well as police whenever a scene involving a firearm is filmed.

This is to ensure that people aren't alarmed if they hear gunshots being fired by the prop weapons.

And what about their special techniques for learning lines?

Actor Dan Ewing (who played Heath Braxton) revealed: "I record them on my phone in voice memos. I'll record the other person's lines and leave a gap for my lines and then mouth mine silently".

"Mostly it's on the couch with a glass of wine when I'm watching the footy."

While, Nic Westaway (who played Kyle Braxton) admitted the cast doesn't take too much notice of their scripts at first, because they usually go through A LOT of changes.

He also revealed that the scenes are shot in order according to their location rather than chronologically.

For example, scenes shot on location at Palm Beach are done first, followed by the ones inside, say, the diner.